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Kappa Chapter, inspiring the highest

type of womanhood at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

A letter from our Chapter President, Josie Hanson :

On behalf of Kappa Chapter, I would like to welcome you to Gamma Phi Beta at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities! I am immensely proud to lead this group of intelligent, kind, and empowered women. Our values of Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty bond us together and are the core of our sisterhood. Together, we strive to uphold these in every aspect of our lives and goals. Individually, each member brings their own talents, personalities, opinions, and backgrounds to our sisterhood. This is what makes us special and successful as a chapter, and what makes our relationships with our sisters so valuable to us.

It is a standard of Gamma Phi Beta to excel academically, and together we push each other to maintain high academic goals. The women of Gamma Phi Beta are pursuing a multitude of majors across all colleges at the University of Minnesota. It is also important to us to support each other in reaching our greatest potential regarding character, career, and relationships. Gamma Phi Beta is not only a great foundation for our members, but a constant source of support throughout the challenges and successes of college.


We love spending time in our home, fondly referred to as the Big White House, which is located close to campus in the Dinkytown neighborhood. The Big White House houses 43 members, but is truly a home to all in our chapter. Members who both live in and out of the house enjoy focusing in our 24-hour quiet study rooms, eating Chef Brad's delicious food, chatting around the dining room table at all hours of the day and night, and hanging out in the TV room. Our home is a special place for members to study, share a laugh and a meal with sisters, or simply unwind from a busy day.


You can also find Gamma Phi Beta members participating in other activities on campus. I am proud to see members of Gamma Phi Beta as active leaders in campus organizations, Gopher athletic teams, student government, internships, and volunteer programs. Philanthropy is especially important to Gamma Phi Beta. Our members devote countless hours to a variety of volunteer efforts, including our own philanthropic mission of Building Strong Girls. This year we will be hosting our third annual Moonball event in the spring, which raises money for Girls on the Run -Twin Cities! I, along with other Gamma Phi Beta members, have seen the power of Girls on the Run firsthand by interning at the office, coaching a group of energetic young girls, and volunteering for the semi-annual 5K event. Additionally, the women of Gamma Phi Beta love to support other sororities' and fraternities' philanthropic efforts.


If you are reading this now, questioning whether or not Greek Life is for you, I highly encourage you to take the chance. Greek Life provides academic support, leadership and volunteer opportunities, as well as social events such as sisterhoods and exchanges with sororities and fraternities, and events surrounding Homecoming and Machy Days. Most of all, Gamma Phi Beta provides a place of comfort and support on campus, and the members of Gamma Phi Beta hope that you find that home away from home with us.


It is difficult to put into words the effect that being a part of an organization such as Gamma Phi Beta can have, not only on your experience in college, but on personal growth and confidence beyond your time at the University of Minnesota. In Gamma Phi Beta I found a place to grow and be inspired to reach my full potential within a place of friendship and care. Personally, I am thankful for the encouragement and support of the women of Kappa Chapter that allowed me to grow in confidence and develop my own voice. I would not be the same person I am today without Gamma Phi Beta and all of the driven, sisters I am lucky enough to surround myself with. Gamma Phi Beta is the perfect addition to your college experience for these reasons, and many you may have yet to discover.


What I have described only scratches the surface of Gamma Phi Beta. Please enjoy our website and social media to learn more about our members and what we are involved in. If you would like to know more about our Sorority on a deeper level, feel free to visit our International website at If you have any questions about Gamma Phi Beta, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Josie Hanson 

Chapter President

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